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PK / ADME Simulation Modeling Software

Why start from scratch?  Use our models or any part of our technology to develop or enhance your ADME models


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iDEA pkEXPRESS™ is a comprehensive predictive ADME software system developed and validated to predict relevant pharmacokinetic and ADME characteristics of potential drugs.  The system has been previously deployed by major Pharma clients as a desktop application or as an ADME compute engine in a larger cheminformatics systems.

iDEA pkEXPRESS™ includes the following:


The physiological models were trained using a diverse data set of internally generated in vitro data, human physiological pharmacokinetic data from successful and failed clinical trials, and chemical structures.  The models were extensively internally and externally validated to benchmark their performance.  

The following assets are available for commercial license to use as stand-alone models, or within other applications:


Data -  Data is the key ingredient for building models that have real predictive capability and is useful in validating models that have already been created.  iDEA/pkEXPRESS was created with a database that was purpose built for this effort.  Using a variety of in vitro assays, and clinical data, the database contains thousands of assay points for hundreds of compounds.  It is not a collection of literature data, but assays run under single validated protocols for each type of measurement.  The database is available and further described at

Molecular Descriptor Engine -

MatLab models -

Optimization Routines -

Development Code -

Unreleased Projects - 


All or any part of these assets can be licensed under a variety of flexible commercial terms.  Let our technology help to power your model development.